25 Million Dollar Trojan Fitness Center Opens to Students

Troy University students now have easier access to a healthier lifestyle. It’s all thanks to a brand new state of the art fitness center. For two years, students waited for the completion. The wait ended as students returned to campus Wednesday morning. “We’ve been waiting on and expecting it for a long time, because we were stuck in a smaller…

MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: Exercise may decrease cancer odds + Meditation may help prevent heart disease

Research tracking hundreds of thousands of adults suggests those who get two and a half to five hours of moderate intensity exercise a week are less likely to develop seven kinds of cancer. The physical activity was linked to a lower risk of colon cancer in men and a lower risk of breast, endometrial, kidney and other cancers in women….

Keeping New Year Fitness Resolutions

According to a survey by NPR, exercising more is the number one New Year’s resolution. Every year millions of Americans go through their annual “join a gym” routine.  People go to the gym at the onset of the new year with hopes to build a better body , but many of them fall short. I spoke with Donna Ellis, she…