Prattville Investigators Search for Jewelry Store Thieves, Believes Suspects Apart of Phenix City, Columbus, Ga. Organized Crime Group

Prattville police are investigating a felony theft at a jewelry store. A search for suspects has expanded to Phenix City and Columbus, Ga
The search expands to Phenix City and Columbus, Ga. due to investigators believing offenders in the felony theft may be part of an organized group operating in that area.

Wetumpka Police Officer Faces Felony Theft Charges for Items Stolen from Station Evidence Room

Former Wetumpka police officer, Sean Blackburn, faces felony charges. Blackburn has been charged with with 2 counts of  second degree theft. Elmore County District Attorney, Randall Houston, couldn’t go into specifics about what was stolen, but it was items from the evidence locker. It will affect some cases, but no major ones. Blackburn was transported to Elmore County Detention Facility…

17 Arrested on Felony Charges in Morning Round Up

The 5 AM wake up call some Greenville residents received was not exactly pleasant. “It’s the police, come to the door!” Sergeant Tommy Anderson shouted at a closed door. Nearly two dozen homes were visited by Greenville Police and Butler County Deputies early Thursday morning during an organized round up. The round up was the finale of months of hard…