George Wallace

20th Anniversary of George Wallace Death

Died in jackson Hospital

Governor George Wallace’s wheelchair.   Wallace had been in a wheelchair since an attempt on his life in 1972. He was shot five time in Maryland during a campaign stop. He was elected Governor four times and ran for president three times. His daughter, Perry Wallace-Kennedy, says her Dad may have voted for Barack Obama…and she dismisses comparisons between her…

Former Alabama Gov. Albert Brewer dies

Albert Brewer taking the oath of office as governor of Alabama.Source: Enclyclopedia of AlabamaFormer Alabama Governor Albert Brewer has died. He was 87. There were no immediate details on his cause of death. Brewer served as Governor from 1968 to 1971. Brewer was the state’s 49th governor. He assumed the office after Gov. Lurleen Wallace lost her battle with cancer….

Who Said What? Donald Trump vs George Wallace

Huffington Post has quotes from former Alabama Governor & Trump.

 The liberal Huffington-Post website has posted a series of real quotes, and is challenging visitors to guess which is from GOP Presidential Primary Front-runner Donald Trump, and which is from former Alabama Governor George Wallace. Commentators have been comparing the two since Trump’s rise to the top of the GOP candidates for President. See if you can tell which is…