greenville fire department

Staying Safe While Heating Your Home

Carbon monoxide is a deadly hazard year round, but fire officials say it becomes a particular threat during cold weather

There are hidden dangers when trying to fight the cold. Chief among them, fire officials say,  is carbon monoxide poisoning. Greenville Fire Chief Tim Warrick says all fuel-burning equipment creates the risk for carbon monoxide exposure. “People try to use various things in order to heat their homes such as gas ovens, gas stoves, generators inside the homes,” said Warrick….

Tips to Help You Stay Safe from Snakes this Summer

The summer heat brings out all kinds of creatures, some of the most dangerous being snakes. Alabama is home to 42 snake species, six of which are venomous. Five of those six are called “pit vipers,” which include three species of rattlesnakes, the cottonmouth snake, and the copperhead snake. The sixth snake is in a group by itself and is far…