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Lawmakers Hold Hearing On Proposal To Arm Teachers

Alabama lawmakers will hold public hearings on proposals to allow some teachers to carry concealed handguns into their schools The House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee will hold a Wednesday hearing on the bill by Republican Rep. Will Ainsworth. It would allow public school teachers and administrators, after undergoing police training, to carry a pistol on school property. It…

House Democratic Caucus Urges Action on Gun Violence Prevention Legislation

Proposed Legislation Would Fill Gap in Existing Laws

At a press conference this afternoon, the House Democratic Caucus urged the legislature to take action this session on gun violence prevention legislation. “Every day that goes by without us addressing these issues in a meaningful way puts our students, teachers and law enforcement at great risk,” said House Democratic Leader Anthony Daniels. “This is too important to just put…

CrimeStoppers School Gun Violence Initiative

Tragedy in Parkland, Florida marked 8 shootings at U.S. schools, since the start of 2018.  Those startling numbers, Tony Garrett says, is one of the driving forces behind Crime Stoppers’ efforts “to keep those guns out of our schools”. In the past year, there have been several initiatives In Montgomery aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of youth….

Report: Alabama has 2nd Highest Gun Death Rate

Pro-Gun-Control Group issues report.

States with the Five Highest Gun Death Rates Rank   State              Gun Ownership             Gun Death Per 100,000 1          Alaska                        56.4 percent                           23.86 2          Alabama                     49.5 percent                           21.51 3          Louisiana                    49.0 percent                           21.08 4          Mississippi                  54.3 percent                           19.64 5          Oklahoma                   46.7 percent                           19.52   States with the Five Lowest Gun Death Rates Rank  …