Servicing Cars And Homes for the Heat

As temperatures continue to rise you should be asking if the AC in your car and home, are in shape to keep you cool this summer. Cooling and AC specialists say the calls have been pouring in over the last couple of weeks, but there’s a few things you can do before you have to call in the professionals. With near-record…

Greenville Police’s Summer House Watch Program Starts Up

The Greenville Police Department is offering extra security for those taking a vacation this summer through the House Watch Program. The program is nothing new to Greenville. Chief Justin Lovvorn says it’s been going on for as long as he can remember. “It just lets us know for sure that we need to check on this house in particular because…

Home Invasion Leaves Andalusia Family Scared

Marion Crittenden was having a normal Tuesday night at her home on June 21st. She and her family were getting ready for bed around nine, like always. “I mean, it was time for everybody to, you know, get baths and just time to relax,” Crittenden says. She, her husband, daughter and granddaughter were in the back bedrooms of her home….