Funeral Arrangements Announced for MPD Detective Killed

Funeral arrangements have been announced for the MPD detective who was killed earlier this week. Detective Tanisha Pughsley/Source: Montgomery Police Department Montgomery Police announced that a memorial service for Detective Tanisha Pughsley will be this Sunday from 10AM-2PM at Ross-Clayton Funeral Home on Adams Ave in Montgomery. Detective Pughsley’s Homegoing Service will take place Saturday, July 18 at Miracle Revival…

Sanders’ campaign says he’s reassessing, not dropping out

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he’s reassessing his campaign, and that’s raising questions about whether he’ll drop out after losing three more states and falling prohibitively behind former Vice President Joe Biden in the race. Biden just won in Florida, Illinois and Arizona, and he’s built a delegate lead likely too large for Sanders to erase….

Do you know this woman? 40-year-old Cold Case is Reopened with Ties to Selma

Authorities in Grundy County, Illinois are trying to identify a woman. Her remains were found in 1976, and officials believe the victim may have ties to Selma and the West Alabama area. Authorities in Seneca, Illinois say the woman was found shot and killed in October of 1976… They were never able to identify her. After exhuming her body in…