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Montgomery Public Schools along with Volkert Inc. Will Host Town Hall Meetings This Week

The Montgomery public School board is planning do have district wide renovations of all of the schools from elementary to high school buildings that need it. Some of the schools in the district have not had any renovations in over 40 years. They plan to host town hall meetings this week to inform parents and the community of the plans for the renovations. 

MPS Reveals Capital Projects Plan with the Involvement of the ‘Minority Participation Policy’

Montgomery Public Schools are making big changes for its students and the community. MPS held its Capital Projects Forum at Carver High School Tuesday night. The newly hired construction program management firm, Volkert Inc., was present to provide companies information about the new MPS Capital Projects Plan. The plan included fixing much-needed school repairs, innovative learning programs for students, and…

School Systems Around Nation Suffer from Food Shortage

Many school systems local and around the nation have been facing a food shortage, lately. The shortage has been mainly due to the food vendors not being able to deliver food items to these schools. In the past week, Elmore Co. officials said 12 of their regular food vendors did not deliver products. “This morning we actually had to go…