ASU Agrees on Transfer Partnership with Shelton State Community College

Alabama State University is making it easier for some community college students to transfer. The presidents of Shelton State Community College and Alabama State University met Monday to sign a partnership that they hope will benefit both of their students. For students who transfer from Shelton to Alabama State, or vice versa, this partnership will make the credit process easier….

City to Reopen Recycling Plant

The City of Montgomery is going green, again. It has announced plans to reopen its recycling plant later this year. In a partnership with Repower South, a recycling company out of South Carolina, the project will create more than 50 jobs for the city. There will be no additional cost to taxpayers and officials say they expect to recycle 60…

Fitzgerald Museum Partners With Southern Living Plant Collection

The Fitzgerald Museum is growing – literally! The museum is kicking off the new year with some exciting projects, including a partnership with the Southern Living Plant Collection & Encore Azalea, a new community garden and free libraries. The community garden is the first step in encouraging Cloverdale residents and locals to engage with the entirety of the space, outside…