Torrential Rains from Storms Cause Issues in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom– Folks in Dallas County — woke up to severe weather Tuesday morning. Torrential rain from the storm caused big problems in Selma. “It was some scary weather that came through our area,” said Rev. Otis Culliver. “It woke us up out of our sleep. The thunder was definitely booming, the lightning was flashing. And just…

Montgomery Farmers Losing Crops from Relentless Rain

Farmers are battling Mother Nature to keep their crops alive but they have a long summer ahead of them. There has been a lot of rain this month which most people agree is great for their plants and yards. But, local farmers are suffering from the copious amount of rain on their farms. The Sweet Creak Farm Market in Pike…

Tropical Storm Sally Set to Become Hurricane and Threaten U.S. Gulf Coast

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) – Tropical Storm Sally churned northward on Sunday, poised to turn into a hurricane and send life-threatening storm surge along the northern Gulf of Mexico. Sally is expected to become a hurricane on Monday and reach shore by early Tuesday, bringing hurricane conditions to a region stretching from from Morgan City, Louisiana, to Ocean Springs, Mississippi….

Drought Conditions Worsen in Alabama

Drought conditions are worsening in Alabama, with the entire state feeling the effects of dry weather. Statistics released Thursday by the U.S. Drought Monitor show all of Alabama is abnormally dry, and 4.2 million Alabama residents live in areas that are experiencing drought. Conditions are worst in central Alabama, where much of Tuscaloosa and Jefferson counties have an extreme drought….

Steady Rains Could Impact Some Butler County Roads

The steady rain hasn’t had much of an impact on Butler County roads just yet. There are a certain number of roads that usually flood during severe weather, says County Engineer Dennis McCall, but so far so good. “We’ve had no issues with this slow rain,” he says. “I guess our concern is if it continues to do this throughout…