Security Cameras

Montgomery City Councilman Wants More Security Cameras in Neighborhoods

A Montgomery City Councilman is pushing for neighborhoods in his district to invest in security cameras to help fight crime. District 7 Councilman Clay McInnis says these cameras are like ring door bell cameras, except for neighborhoods.   His goal is to have 30 cameras installed in his district by the end of the year. The Hillwood neighborhood off Vaughn Road…

What the Tech? Is Your Security Camera Being Hacked?

Security cameras are great because we can watch what’s happening at home on our smartphone from anywhere. But a report from a consumer watchdog group in the UK found some of the most popular cameras for sale on Amazon could let anyone watch what’s going on, from their phone. The investigation by the consumer review team at “Which?” discovered a…

Calling All Montgomery Area Security Camera Owners

The Montgomery Police want you!

The city of Montgomery has established a security camera command center, part of what they call the “River Region Star Watch” program. In it, officers can monitor various government cameras—including traffic cams, and some privately owned cameras if the owners have agreed to give police access. Some have already done so, and now the city wants to expand that network,…

New Technology Helps Secure Homes

New security camera technology is giving homeowners even more ways to protect their homes.  Law enforcement officials say this technology can be very helpful in fighting crime, but that not just any setup is going to get the job done. Katherine Hert has three security cameras at her home in Montgomery and she says they make her feel more secure….