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Did Your Income Recover From The Great Recession of 2007?

Recovery was uneven, reports PEW, Alabama at 1..2%--- Near The Bottom

But several other state grew at even a slower rate, or not at all.: The other slowest-growing states, with annualized rates of 1 percent or less, were Mississippi (0.9 percent) and Illinois, Louisiana, and West Virginia (each at 1.0 percent). Comparing Alabama with the surrounding states as far as the change in tax revenue from each state’s peak quarter, adjusted…


State now ranks 5th for largest percenbtage of fat adults

    In 1990, Alabama ranked as the 21st fattest state, with 11.2% of the population rated as obese. In 2017, Alabama had climbed to 5th….with 36.3% of the population considered obese. TGFWV etc? States with the highest rates of obesity: #1 West Virginia   38.1% #2 Mississippi       37.3% #3 Oklahoma         36.5% #4 Iowa                   36.4 #5 Alabama           36.3…

Alabama Ranks High…in Murders

FBI says only D.C. & Puerto Rico have a higher per capita rate

There was a person murdered in Alabama almost every day during 2016. The numbers come from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and they show 332 murder victims statewide. 32 of those killings were in Montgomery. The 332 statewide figure ranks Alabama third per capita in murders last year. Only Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico had higher per capita rates. 2016…