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Alabama News Network Special: Reed Makes History

Alabama News Network has produced a special on the historic election of Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed. This year, he became the city’s first black mayor in Montgomery’s 200-year history. While he’s a new face in the mayor’s office, Reed was born and raised in Montgomery. He was born at St. Margaret’s Hospital and attended Forest Avenue Elementary School, Vaughn Road…

Mayor Todd Strange Reflects on his 10 Years as Montgomery Mayor

Monday was outgoing Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange’s last full day in office. Strange sat down with Alabama News Network reporter Jerome Jones to discuss his decade of service. Mayor Strange says the city is in good hands with Mayor Elect Steven Reed, and he is excited about what the future holds for Montgomery. Categories: Montgomery, News Tags: mayor elect steven…

Exclusive: Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange Reflects on His 10 Years in Office

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange took time on his final full day in office to sit down with Alabama News Network anchor Darryl Hood to reflect on his 10 years leading the city. The Live interview appeared on Alabama News Network at 6. Strange was elected in a special election and took office in March 2009. Since then, he says he’s…

Recycling Reboot in Montgomery

Testing underway now

The long dormant Montgomery recycling plant will be back in full operation on January 7th. Mayor Todd Strange announced the date this morning during  his weekly news conference. The IREP plant closed down in October of 2015 when the owners failed to make sufficient profit. The company eventually bankrupted the operation and the city took possession after lengthy bankruptcy hearings….

Next Step in Push for Added Montgomery School Funding

property tax increase under consideration

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange and Montgomery County Commission President Elton Dean are working together to win passage of a proposed 6 mill property tax increase for the Montgomery Public School System. The increase will have to be approved by County voters, and Dean says that vote could take place in May. It would be the only item on the ballot…

August 2019 Montgomery Mayoral Election

No Strange...maybe Wood, a Reed or a Davis

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange at MMFA today The 2019 Montgomery election is just over a year away, and while Todd Strange insists he is not running for another term, he dropped some names of people who have either told him they will run or people he expects to run on August 27 of next year. We talked with him during…

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange Delivers 2019 Budget Message

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange delivered an optimistic budget message for fiscal year 2019. He says the budget forecasts revenue of $250 million, the first time the city has ever reached that milestone. Strange made his comments at Montgomery City Council on Tuesday night as he unveiled his budget proposals. It will be up to city council to decide whether to…

Mayor Todd Strange Gives Outlook for Montgomery in 2018

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange is outlining what sees ahead in 2018 for the City of Montgomery.  The following is his video editorial. Categories: Montgomery, News Tags: 2018, Alabama, montgomery, todd strange

Tuesdays With Todd

In the 6:00 AM hour of ANN This Morning

We’ll talk with Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange today on Alabama News Network This Morning. We’ll be on air starting at 5:00 AM as usual…the Mayor will join us in the Six-O-Clock hour…and he’ll take your calls. Join us! Categories: Montgomery, News Tags: Alabama News Network this Morning, tim lennox, todd strange