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Fans React After Tiger and Tide Victories

A USA Today article came out sunday, following Alabama Crimson Tide and Auburn Tiger victories over Ole Miss and Mississippi State. That article– making a claim that Auburn could make a case to be ranked number 1 in the country. We went to talk with fans in downtown Montgomery to get their thoughts on Saturday’s victories. “They look really great….

Valiant Cross Academy In Montgomery Wins $50,000

After weeks of asking for your vote, the all boys school, Valiant Cross Academy, is now celebrating a victory. As winners of the nationwide “A Community Thrives” competition, Valiant Cross academy has has earned more than just bragging rights. It’s also won a 50,000 dollar grant. Teacher Adam Pettway says “of course I was excited to find out that we…

Valiant Cross Academy Needs Your Votes

One school in downtown Montgomery is a finalist in a nationwide competition aiming to make a difference in your community. The grand prize is 100,000, but first the school needs your votes. “100,000 dollars for these young men would change their lives” says Kimberly Baker, director of development at Valiant Cross Academy. She says that the all boys private school is…