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The Wellness Principles

Dr. Gary Deng Joins David Lamb to Discuss New Book

Gary Deng, MD, PhD, is the Medical Director of Integrative Medicine at the prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York. He recently joined David Lamb on Alabama News Rising to discuss his new book, The Wellness Principles, that marries his years spent at his medical practice with his passion for home cooking. Categories: Health Matters Tags: diet, health, Weight Loss

Fitness Guru Chris Powell Joins Alabama News Rising

Fitness guru Chris Powell has helped hundreds of thousands of people transform their lives over the past 20-years. From his TV show Extreme Weight Loss to Best Selling books, Powell has been leading the charge to help people get healthier. He recently joined David Lamb on Alabama News Rising to discuss everything from easy, healthy recipes to how to start…

Author Makes Case for Power of Belief

Author David Robson Joins Alabama News Rising to Discuss "The Expectation Effect"

People who believe ageing brings wisdom live longer. Lucky charms really do improve an athlete’s performance. Taking a placebo, even when you know it is a placebo, can still improve your health. Welcome to The Expectation Effect. In this book David Robson takes us on a tour of the cutting-edge research happening right now that suggests our expectations shape our…